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Courses for exchange students, Degree Programme in Information Technology, Spring 2018

Please note: The list of spring term courses will be completed by 13 October, 2017. The courses listed are subject to change and subject to availability. The student should have a matching study background for the course.
Some of the courses are available only for the incoming exchange students accepted in the Degree Programme in Information Technology.

Major in IoT and Cloud Computing (2nd year studies):
Wireless and Mobile Project 15 cr
Cloud Networking Project 15 cr

Major in Mobile Solutions (2nd year studies):
Web Based Mobile Applications 15 cr
Mobile Application Development 15 cr

Major in Software Engineering (2nd year studies):
Application Development Methods 15 cr
Software Structures and Models 15 cr

Major in Smart Systems (2nd year studies):
Embedded Systems Programming 5 cr
UNIX Operating Systems 5 cr
Mathematics and Physics for Smart Systems 5 cr
Virtual Instrumentation 5 cr
Smart Systems Engineering 5 cr
Probability, Statistics and Discrete Mathematics cr

Minor in IoT and Cloud Computing:
Cyber 9/12 Student Challenge 5 cr
*list will be completed by 13 Oct

Minor in Mobile Solutions:
Native Application Development with iOS and Android 15 cr

Minor in Software Engineering:
User Centered Design Project 5 cr
Data Science and Big Data Fundamentals 5 cr
Application Progamming Interfaces for the Web 5 cr

Minor in Smart Systems:
Embedded Internet 5 cr
Embedded Systems Programming 5 cr
Sensors and Interfaces 5 cr

Minor in Media Technology:
3D Modelling and Added Manufacturing 15 cr
Hybrid Media Production and Applications 15 cr

TX00CR79 3D-mallinnus ja lisäävä valmistus 15 op
TX00CS03 Anturit ja rajapinnat 5 op
TI00CQ47 Cyber 9/12 Student Challenge 10 op
TX00CS17 Data Science ja Big Data -perusteet 5 op
TX00CR80 Hybridimediatuotanto ja sovellukset 15 op
TX00CS16 Käyttäjäkeskeinen suunnitteluprojekti 5 op
TX00CS01 Laitteiden Internet 5 op
TX00CP86 Langattomien ja mobiiliverkkojen projekti 15 op
TX00CE69 Mobiilisovellusten kehitys 15 op
TX00CR78 Natiivisovelluskehitys iOS ja Android -alustoille 15 op
TX00CK91 Ohjelmistorakenteet ja -mallit 15 op
TX00CP87 Pilvipalvelujen projekti 15 op
TX00CK90 Sovelluskehitysmenetelmät 15 op
TX00CI61 Sulautettujen järjestelmien ohjelmointi 5 op
TX00CS02 Sulautettujen järjestelmien ohjelmointi 5 op
TX00CE00 Todennäköisyys- ja tilastomatematiikka 5 op
TX00BW20 UNIX-käyttöjärjestelmä 5 op
TX00CS18 Verkon sovellusohjelmointirajapinnat 5 op
TX00CI66 Virtuaali-instrumentointi 5 op
TX00CE68 Web-pohjaiset mobiilisovellukset 15 op
TX00CI62 Älykkäiden järjestelmien matematiikka ja fysiikka 5 op
TX00CI67 Älykkäiden järjestelmien suunnitttelu 5 op