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Circular economy for sustainable growth



The Circular Economy Learning Lane engages UAS-students from various different backgrounds to work towards a circular economy with companies, especially SMEs. The study path exposes the students to the circular economy, which the students do not currently encounter in their earlier studies. The student will accomplish increased learning of the circular economy with knowledge of new tools and concepts on how to develop new innovative and attractive circular economy solutions and business models and the motivation to work for sustainable solutions.

The learning lane consists of three modules:
Study module 1: Towards a Sustainable Consumer Society (5 cr) (Metropolia)
Study module 2: New Business Models in Circular Economy (5 cr) (Haaga-Helia)
Study module 3: Service Design for Circular Economy (5 cr) (Laurea)

The students will enroll to the entire 15 ECTS module in the 3UAS offering. . Enrollment (all students) through this link: https://www.lyyti.in/Circular_Economy_for_Sustainable_Growth

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