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Courses for exchange students, Degree Programme in Information Technology, Autumn 2018



Please note: the courses listed are subject to change and subject to availability. The student should have a matching study background for the course. Some of the courses are available only for the incoming exchange students accepted in the Degree Programme in Information Technology.

Courses in each major (course descriptions can be found under the list):


2nd year studies (group ICT17-N):
TX00CP84 Network Orientation Project (15 cr)
TX00CP85 IoT Project (15 cr)
3rd year studies (group ICT16-N):
TT00AB39 Network Security (5 cr)
TX00DN62 Advanced Routing (5 cr)
TX00DC09 Mobile Networks (5 cr) - Cancelled
TX00CD36 Communication Networks - NEW COURSE!
XX00BH18 Innovation Project (10 cr)
4th year studies (group ICT15-N):
TX00DC00 MPLS: Advanced Routing and Switching (5 cr)
TX00DC01 Windows Configuration Management (5 cr)
TX00CD36 Communication Networks - NEW COURSE!
TX00DC08 Mobile Messaging and IMS (5 cr) - Cancelled
TZ40AA61 VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Management (6 cr) - Cancelled


3rd year studies (group ICT16-M):
TX00CK66 Sensor Based Mobile Applications (15 cr)
TX00CK67 Mobile Project (15 cr)
4th year studies (group ICT15-M):
XX00BH18 Innovation Project (10 cr)


3rd year studies (group ICT16-SW):
TX00CO27 Open-Source Operating Systems (15 cr)
TX00CO28 Software Business Start-Up (15 cr)
4th year studies (group ICT15-SW):
XX00BH18 Innovation Project (10 cr)


2nd year studies (group ICT17-S):
TX00CD32 Local Area Networks (5 cr)
TX00CD99 Modern Computer Architecture (5 cr)
TX00CE02 Physics and Mathematics of Electromagnetism (5 cr)
TX00CI68 Sensors and Advanced Physics (5 cr)
TX00CT12 C Programming for Smart Systems (5 cr)
TX00CE01 Object-Oriented Programming in Smart Systems (5 cr)
3rd year studies (group ICT16-S):
TX00CI64 Smart Systems and Wireless Communication (5 cr)
TX00CI69 ARM-Processors and Embedded Operating Systems (5 cr)
TX00CO32 Embedded System project (5 cr)
TX00CI63 Internet of Things (5 cr)
TX00CI65 Internet of Things (IoT) Project (5 cr)
TX00CQ31 Digital Signal Processing (5 cr)
4th year studies (group ICT15-S):
XX00BH18 Innovation Project (10 cr)

TX00CO18 IT Security (5 cr) (online course)

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TX00CI69 ARM-prosessorit ja sulautetut käyttöjärjestelmät 5 op
TX00CO27 Avoimen lähdekoodin käyttöjärjestelmät 15 op
TX00CT12 C-ohjelmointi ja sulautetut järjestelmät 5 op
TX00CQ31 Digitaalinen signaalinkäsittely 5 op
TX00CE02 Fysiikka ja matematiikka sähkömagnetiikassa 5 op
XX00BH18 Innovaatioprojekti 10 op
TX00CI65 Internet of Things (IoT) projekti 5 op
TX00CP85 IoT-projekti 15 op
TX00DC00 Kehittynyt reititys ja kytkentä MPLS-verkoissa 5 op
TX00CI63 Laitteiden internet 5 op
TX00CD32 Lähiverkot 5 op
TX00CK67 Mobiiliprojekti 15 op
TX00CD99 Moderni tietokoneen arkkitehtuuri 5 op
TX00CO28 Ohjelmistotuotannon start-up 15 op
TX00CE01 Olio-ohjelmointi ja älykkäät järjestelmät 5 op
TX00DN62 Reititys isoissa verkoissa 5 op
TX00CK66 Sensoripohjaiset mobiilisovellukset 15 op
TX00CI68 Sensorit ja sovellettu fysiikka 5 op
TX00CO32 Sulautetut järjestelmät -projekti 5 op
TX00CO18 Tekninen tietoturva 5 op
TX00CD36 Tietoliikenneverkot 5 op
TX00CP84 Tietoverkkojen orientoiva projekti 15 op
TT00AB39 Tietoverkkojen tietoturva 5 op
TX00DC01 Windows-laitteiden hallinta 5 op
TX00CI64 Älykkäät järjestelmät ja langaton tiedonsiirto 5 op