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Orchestral and Chamber Music 2



The student knows and has played central orchestral, chamber music or opera repertoire. He/she can tune, intonate, breathe, phrase, articulate music according to the partners, groups or orchestras demands. He/she has the ability of listening the partners, groups or orchestras sound/timbre and can perform actively to develop it. The student is capable of practicing in a group, adapting to its operational style. He/she can develop the group as for him/herself for an active and effective ensemble, support his/her co-players, encourage them in the common efforts, yield and at the same time act determined for these aims. The voice student finds his/her strengths in working on the stage, can give and take impulses and follow the conductor. The student is able to learn the work in the making, both as a whole and his/her own part. He/she can receive feedback constructively and give constructive criticism as well.

The student understands the meaning of being trustworthy and is able to call for reliability from the colleagues, understanding that trustworthiness is a basic necessity for the employment. The student knows the responsibilities of acting in different kinds of roles and sections, can lead and rehearse a section.

The student participates in a preserving, versatile and wide-ranging way in Metropolia's diverse chamber music groups and orchestras. He/she explores the basic repertoire of orchestral and chamber music especially for the part of his/her own instrument as well by musicking him/herself as by listening to the performances and recordings of other musicians. The student makes the acquaintance with the sound treatment and other special characters of different instruments and learns to integrate his/her playing according to other players performance. The student learns to practice in a group and becomes acquainted according to the possibilities with different tasks in orchestras, ensembles, and productions by taking part in their activities. Doing so he/she will explore diverse ways of using the groups and the orchestra as well as diverse special problems and challenges of different genres of music and styles like classical music, symphonic music, accompaniment, opera, musical, popular music and jazz, contemporary music, early music and lied music.


Select according to specific criteria: 0 - 0 cr

KS00CC90 Chamber Music Production 0 cr
KS00BC78 Chamber Music Production 1 0 cr
KS00BC79 Chamber Music Production 2 0 cr
KS00BC80 Chamber Music Production 3 0 cr
KS00BC81 Chamber Music Production 4 0 cr
KS00BC82 Chamber Music Production 5 0 cr
KS00BC83 Chamber Music Production 6 0 cr
KS00BC84 Chamber Music Production 7 0 cr
KS00BC85 Chamber Music Production 8 0 cr
KS00BC86 Chamber Music Production 9 0 cr
KS00BC87 Chamber Music Production 10 0 cr
KS00CC92 Ensemble Production 0 cr
KS00BC98 Ensemble Production 1 0 cr
KS00BC99 Ensemble Production 2 0 cr
KS00BD00 Ensemble Production 3 0 cr
KS00BD01 Ensemble Production 4 0 cr
KS00BD02 Ensemble Production 5 0 cr
KS00BD03 Ensemble Production 6 0 cr
KS00BD04 Ensemble Production 7 0 cr
KS00BD05 Ensemble Production 8 0 cr
KS00BD06 Ensemble Production 9 0 cr
KS00BD07 Ensemble Production 10 0 cr
KS00BC41 Lied Production 0 cr
KS00CC91 Lied Production 0 cr
KS00BC40 Lied Production 1 0 cr
KS00BC43 Lied Production 3 0 cr
KS00BC44 Lied Production 4 0 cr
KS00BC45 Lied Production 5 0 cr
KS00BC46 Lied Production 6 0 cr
KS00BC47 Lied Production 7 0 cr
KS00BC48 Lied Production 8 0 cr
KS00BC49 Lied Production 9 0 cr
KS00BC50 Lied Production 10 0 cr
KS00BC39 Liedseminar 5 cr
KS00CK58 Opera Production 0 cr
KS00CL30 Opera Production, The Marriage of Figaro 0 cr
KS00BD08 Opera Role 1 0 cr
KS00BD09 Opera Role 2 0 cr
KS00BD10 Opera Role 3 0 cr
KS00CC89 Orchestra Production 0 cr
KS00CD52 Orchestra Production, Monopoli/Italy 0 cr
KS00BC88 Orchestra Production 1 0 cr
KS00BC89 Orchestra Production 2 0 cr
KS00BC90 Orchestra Production 3 0 cr
KS00BC91 Orchestra Production 4 0 cr
KS00BC92 Orchestra Production 5 0 cr
KS00BC93 Orchestra Production 6 0 cr
KS00BC94 Orchestra Production 7 0 cr
KS00BC95 Orchestra Production 8 0 cr
KS00BC96 Orchestra Production 9 0 cr
KS00BC97 Orchestra Production 10 0 cr