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Design, Textile Design

Autumn 2018

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Year of study 1 2 3 4
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Orientation and Language Studies
Introduction to Studies and Computer Literacy 5
Working Communication 5  
Professional Swedish and English 5
Visual Studies
Drawing and Painting 5  
Life Drawing and Painting 5    
Colour Perception and Composition 5
Photography and Portfolio 5  
Common Studies in Design
Theories of Design and the Law of Copyright 5  
History of Art and Design 5
Forecasting the Future and International Design Field 5  
Research Methodology and Writing 5      
Marketing and Entrepreneurship in Design Field 5    
Studies in Textile Design
Textile Technology and Material Expertise
Textile Design and Textile Materials 5
Woven and Knitted Textile Structures 15
Printed Textiles and Surface Design 10
Patterned Woven Textiles 10  
Patterned Knitted Textiles 10  
CAD and Visualization Studies in Textile Design
CAD I Presentation Techniques and Basics of Image Processing 5
CAD II Surface Design 5
CAD III Graphic Design 5  
CAD IV Professional Portfolio and Webpages 5      
Textile Production
Product Design and Conceptualization 5  
Textile Production 5  
Project Studies in Textile Design
Project I International Project 10    
Project II Textile Project for the Public Spaces 10  
Project III Project at the Professional Field 10      
Innovation Project 10    
Elective Studies
Practical Training
Practical Training I 15    
Practical Training II 15      
Bachelor's Thesis and Maturity Test 15      
ECTS credits per period / semester / academic year 6070455030303535252035151515151517.517.517.517.512.512.5101017.517.57.57.5

Due to the timing of optional and elective courses, credit accumulation per semester / academic year may vary.


The curriculum of the Degree Program in Design is a knowledge-based. It is divided into the studies of the University of Applied Sciences, core requirement studies of the degree program and professional studies. The professional studies include courses in e.g. interior architecture, textile design and industrial design. The professional orientation is selected at the application stage. The professional studies also entail collaboration projects with business and industry. In addition, the studies consist of a work placement, elective studies and finally the Bachelor’s thesis.
The curriculum has been developed in co-operation with partners in business and industry and the students to meet the future requirements in the field of design and to incorporate comprehensive design thinking and its use in multi-disciplinary collaboration. The curriculum is based on the following aspects: mastering design, production, design process, visual arts as well as developing skills in service design and building one´s professional identity.

Textile Design

The studies in textile design provide fundamental knowledge in designing surfaces and textile products, various textile materials, creative expression, product planning, production planning and marketing as well as innovation activities in the field. The studies focus on gaining competence in textile structures and materials, CAD use, both customer oriented and solution centered product design, project learning, as well as professional communication skills. Material and manufacturing technology includes e.g. studies in weaving, knitting, and print fabrics. Social skills are emphasized in team work. The studies also include an internship.