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Land Surveying

Autumn 2015

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Year of study 1 2 3 4
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Tekniikan yhteiset opinnot
Orientation to Field and Studies 5
Math and Science Basics 1 5
Math and Science Basics 2 5
Engineering Finnish and Communication Skills 5      
Engineering Swedish 5
Engineering English and Communication Skills 5  
Industrial Business 5      
Introductory Project 5
Innovation Project 10      
Common professional studies in the degree programme
Measurement and Mapping Techniques I 5
Fundamentals of Law 5
Real Estate and Cadastral System 10
Proceedings in Cadastral Surveys I 5
Proceedings in Cadastral Surveys II 5    
Statistical mathematics and error estimates 5  
Physics in Land Surveying 5
Applied course of Information Technology 5      
Cartography 5  
Geographical Information 5  
Practical Measurement and Mapping Techniques 5  
Land Use and Society 5  
Construction Legislation 5  
Local Master Planning 5  
Local Detailed Planning 5      
Measurement and Mapping Techniques II 5  
Programming Techniques and User Interfaces 5
Municipal Engineering 5  
Real Estate Appraisal 5    
Real Estate Legislation 5    
Real Estate Management and Parcel Production 5  
Specialization Studies
Mathematical geodesy 5    
Special Geodetic Measurements 5      
Spatial Data Collection 5    
Spatial Data Analysis 5      
Environmental Impact Assessment 5    
Traffic Planning 5    
Expropriation of Private Land 5      
Real Estate Management and Business 5      
Elective Studies
Land Surveying Elective Studies
UAV Operations 5                                                        
Final Year Project
Final Year Project 15      
Work Placement
Work Placement 1 15    
Work Placement 2 15      
ECTS credits per period / semester / academic year 60605080303030301535602015151515151515157.57.517.517.530301010

Due to the timing of optional and elective courses, credit accumulation per semester / academic year may vary.

Koulutuksen kuvaus

Degree program in Land Surveying provides students with required skills and knowhow to work successfully in the field of land surveying.
Studies are designed to cover different areas of land surveying. The goal is to answer to the needs of professional life.
Studies consist of; technical knowhow and general knowledge, the main themes in land surveying such as measurement and mapping techniques, spatial data, real estate management, environmental planning and real estate and cadastral systems.

Pedagogiset toimintatavat

The Degree Program in Land Surveying started the development of the competency-based curriculum in the fall 2009 and the new curriculum was implemented in the fall 2014. Both the advisory council and our partners in industry have been consulted with regards to development of the competency-based curriculum. Curriculum is also influenced by the constant study feedback.
In addition there are frequent meetings with other universities of applied sciences who provide studies in land surveying.


Kopioitu TXH14S1 opetussuunnitelma

Tehty seuraavat muutokset
Tutkinto-ohjelman yleiset ammatti-opinnot:
POISTETTU TX00BT80 Kiinteistöoppi 5
POISTETTU TX00BT90 Kaukokartoitus 5
POISTETTU TX00BT97 Tietokoneavusteinen suunnittelu (CAD) 5
LISÄTTY TX00CI15 Kiinteistötekniikka 10
LISÄTTY TX00CI25 Käytännön mittaus -ja kartoitustekniikka 5

Poistettu otsake Vaihtoehtoinen opintokokonaisuus uusi otsake Syventävät opinnot, josta poistettu seuraavat:
POISTETTU TX00BU07 Mittaus- ja kartoitustekniikan erikoiskurssi 5
POISTETTU TX00BU13 Paikkatiedon erikoiskurssi 5
POISTETTU TX00BU10 Kaavoituksen erikoiskurssi
POISTETTU TX00BU15 Kiinteistöarvioinnin jatkokurssi 5 (not translated)