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Autumn 2017

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Year of study 1 2 3 4
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Human Structure and Function
Human anatomy 1 5
Human anatomy 2 and palpation skills 5
Human anatomy 3 and observation of the posture 5
Human anatomy 4 and palpation skills 5
Organ anatomy and physiology 5
Functional anatomy of the spine and thorax 5
Defence mechanisms of the body 5  
Functional anatomy of movement 5  
Neuroanatomy and physiology 5  
Advanced anatomy 5  
Human development 5    
Osteopathic examination and treatment
Osteopathic examination and treatment 1 5
Osteopathic examination and treatment 2 5  
Osteopathic examination and treatment 3 5  
Anamnesis and basic examination 5  
Somatic dysfunction 5  
Differential diagnosis 5  
Osteopathic principles in practice 5    
Health promotion in Osteopathy 5    
Cranial and visceral osteopathy 1 5    
Cranial and visceral osteopathy 2 5    
Applications of osteopathic treatment 5      
Osteopathic clinical practice
Familiarisation with clinical practice 5  
Supervised clinical practice 1 10    
Supervised clinical practice 2 10    
Supervised clinical practice 3 10      
Supervised clinical practice 4 10      
Workplace practise 5      
Osteopath as a Research and Development Professional
Introduction to Studying 5
Professional Communication and IT Skills 5
Osteopathic history and professional English 5
Basics of Research and Development 5
Rehabilitation as Multidisciplinary Collaboration 5
Introduction to clinical practice and Swedish at Work 5  
Advanced Research and Development 5    
Entrepreneurship in Welfare, Leadership and Service Production 5      
Innovation Project 10      
Planning of the Bachelor’s Thesis 5    
Implementing the Bachelor’s Thesis 5    
Reporting and Publication of the Bachelor’s Thesis 5      
Elective Module and Elective Studies
(Select 15 ECTS)
ECTS credits per period / semester / academic year 605560503030253027.532.52525151517.512.512.512.5151516.311.316.316.3151012.512.5

Due to the timing of optional and elective courses, credit accumulation per semester / academic year may vary.

Koulutuksen kuvaus

The curriculum in Osteopathy programme consists of 5 modules, each with a spesific theme. One 15 ects module is elective. The studies also include a 10-credit innovation project, which is carried out in multidisciplinary teams. Requirements for expertise in each competence area help students to set goals for their studies. Requirements for expertise also help students to evaluate the competence they already have and their future learning. Students’ learning process starts by writing a personal study plan (HOPS). This process issupported by competence areas, which provide the framework for the personal study plan. The personal study plan is supported by the recognition of prior competence (AHOT) and flexible individual implementation of studies. Tutors, student counsellors, other teachers and staff support students’ progress in their studies. During osteopathy studies students can participate in various student exchange programmes. Multicultural collaboration is also possible during studies, in different projects, during Metropolias International week and in co-operation with incoming exchange students.

Pedagogiset toimintatavat

Responsibility for curriculum development rests with the Degree Programme’s curriculum development team and it is developed in co-operation with students and the world of work. Curriculum development work has made use of student feedback, while assessment data collected from the world of work has been utilised when planning curricular focus areas. Curriculum planning has been carried out with due consideration for the strategic policies and values of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. Feedback from the Degree Programme Advisory Board in 2017 has been taken into account in the planning work.
The following documents have been taken into account in the curriculum development:
-European Standard Osteopathic health care provision. CEN FprEN 16686:2015
-European Framework for Standards of Osteopathic Education and Training. FORE 2008.
- World Health Organization Benchmarks for Training in Osteopathy. WHO 2010.


Kopioitu opsista SXF16S1 muutoksin: Tutkinto-ohjelman yhteisellä päätöksellä on seuraavissa harjoitteluun liityvissä opintojaksoissa selkeytetty tavoitteita ja sisältöä edellisen opetussuunnitelman opetuskokemusten pohjalta: Harjoitteluun tutustuminen, Harjoitteluun perehtyminen, Ohjattu harjoittelu 1-4, Työelämäharjoittelu. Harjoitteluista 1-8 jotka olivat 5 opintopisteen kokonaisuuksia on tehty laajemmat 10 opintopisteen opintojaksot. Lisäksi 1 op kursseja on siirretty opintojaksosta toiseen ajoitusten muutosten johdosta; farmakologia, reumataudit, psykologian perusteet ja terapeuttiset perusvalmiudet, kliininen psykologia, urheiluvammat, symptoms and signs 2. (not translated)